Episode 1: Conflict in the Church

Today I’m beginning something new: a podcast.  I’m co-hosting it with Paul Martin who is a close friend and a fellow elder at Grace Fellowship Church. Together we are taking a look at a variety of subjects of relevance to the Christian life. We are beginning in episode one with the tricky subject of conflict resolution, and especially conflict within the church.

Thanks to our sponsor Logos for making this episode possible. Please visit http://ift.tt/2xx6WOo to learn about Logos 7 Basic (and download it for free).

If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast, you can do so here. It will also be available on iTunes in a few days.

Show Notes

*If you’ve been following this site long enough you know I’ve done some podcasts in the past. I enjoyed doing these and deliberately designed them to be limited in duration. Will this one be equally limited? We aren’t quite sure yet.

Posted by Jeff Brown

From Challies Dot Com - Informing the Reforming
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From Source: Challies Dot Com - Informing the Reforming
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