Feature request - writing in margins

Hi there! I recognise that this is technically challenging to pull off, which is why no e-reader that I know of has been able to implement it. (Which would make Logos app industry leading!)

When I read, one way I process what I'm reading and make it easier to return to later is by writing short notes to myself in the margins.

This would be so good to be able to do in Logos.

Here's one way I can think of to implement it:

  • Essentially add a column to the left margin (single column view) or outside margins (2 column view). Make width of main text column slightly narrower to fit it in. (In short the view becomes 2 columns or 4 columns, with an invisible skinny margin column per column of main text.
  • Margin notes are anchored to a word in the main text. They display their content in the margin starting in line with their anchored word.
  • You could put a character limit on marginal comments, e.g. 140 chars.
  • The margin note continues down as far as needed, stopping either: (A) when it runs out of content, or (B) when it meets a line containing a new margin note (similar to how Microsoft Excel displays the text of a cell until it meets a cell containing text). If a margin note gets cut off, it has a clickable ... indicating this.
  • The font size of the margin note would be much smaller than the main text. E.g. if main text is 14pt, margin note would be 8 pt etc
  • Optional: You could make the font size of the margin note proportional to the number of words/characters in the note. e.g. a note of 3 words or less is size 10 pt. A note of 4-10 words is size 8pt. Above 10 words, size 6. Clicking the note expands it to more readable font. 

What do you think?

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