Links I like (10/19)

Links I like

Five Unintended Consequences of Short Pastoral Tenure

Jonathan Howe:

While some circumstances do call for quick pastoral turnover, it’s hard not to wonder if some churches fire their pastor (or the pastor bails) too quickly. Regardless of which side cuts the other loose, the church and pastor are nearly always worse off as a result. The unintended consequences of short pastoral tenure take their toll on both sides.

Beware the Satisfied Church

Trevin Wax:

But it’s easy for Christians who have been through a season of conflict or discontentment to pursue peace and satisfaction as the goal. It’s easy for churches to imagine that it’s a sign of faithfulness when everyone is getting along and everyone is satisfied.

This is the mistake that robs many a congregation of missional effectiveness.

It’s TIme To Stop Feeling Guilty About Everything

Stephen Altrogge:

Feeling guilty seems to be woven into my DNA. I know a lot of people like this. Perpetually guilty. Always feeling like a failure. Constantly experiencing some amount of self-loathing because they’re not the person they think they should be.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty. For anything.

I know, I know. It sounds like I’ve embraced some sort of loosey-goosey, free grace buffet (which would be a great band name) nonsense. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Glory Thief

Thabiti Anyabwile:

Sunday as the pastor fenced the communion table and led us in a prayer of confession he asked forgiveness for “glory thieves.”

Why I Jumped on Social Media and 3 Reasons I Am Still Here

Eric Geiger:

Some folks on my team, godly folks who are skilled in their roles, have jumped off social media. They found it impacting them adversely or taking too much time from more important things. So I know utilizing social media is something each person must navigate for himself/herself. But here are the three reasons I am here to stay on social media (for now).

What are some risks of planting a church in an urban environment?

Dhati Lewis:

Does the Bible permit polygamy?

A favorite from the archives (and especially relevant since there are now groups identifying as polyamorous Christians):

One doesn’t have to look hard to see that many of the “heroes” of the faith were polygamists—Abraham had multiple wives and concubines; Jacob had multiple wives and concubines as well. Even the greatest kings of Israel, David and Solomon, had multiple wives.

So… does that mean it gets a green light—or at the very least, a proceed with caution?


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