Osteen Releases Horror Novel ‘Every Day A Friday The 13th’

Osteen Releases Horror Novel ‘Every Day A Friday The 13th’

HOUSTON, TX—Pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen is a bestselling author of positive, motivational works, but the prosperity gospel preacher is branching out with a new horror novel titled Every Day A Friday The 13th, a spin-off of his popular Every Day A Friday, his publisher announced Friday.

The novel centers around a small New England town whose inhabitants are forced to confront a sinister evil brewing as a masked assailant begins leaving copies of Joel Osteen books in people’s mailboxes.The 666-page work is filled with rich characters confronted with frightening scenes, like one set piece in which the protagonist accidentally thinks a negative thought and is plunged into a harrowing sequence of events because of his lack of faith.

“A lot of people didn’t think I could write horror effectively, but I refused to listen to the voices of negativity, declaring victory over my writer’s block and pressing forward,” a smiling Osteen said in a promotional video. “Now you too will believe that every day can be a Friday the 13th if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

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From The Babylon Bee
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From Source: The Babylon Bee
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