Ben Blackwell on “What makes a good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

We are part of a common guild, so to be a good scholar in this sense is to be committed to the content of the guild but also the community of the guild.

Regarding the content, every scholar brings their individual strengths to the mix so it would be hard to pin down a distinct feature. For example, some do well with analysis, others do well with synthesis, and both approaches provide a service to the academic community. Methods come and go, but the skill and discipline of giving close readings of texts will always be valued in biblical and theological studies.

Regarding the community, now that I’m entering my mid-career phase, I also appreciate much more the committed, mutual support of other scholars, whether this is formal or informal feedback, contributing to projects, or just the advice for various aspects of life.

~Benjamin Blackwell, Assistant Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University

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