Five Minutes to Impact: The Final Flight of the Comanche

Five Minutes to Impact The Final Flight of the ComancheAuthor(s): David F. Osborne
Publisher: Ambassador International
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“Kansas City Center—Comanche eight-five-four-six-papa—we have an emergency.” With these words, David F. Osborne alerted air traffic controllers his plane and passengers were in serious danger. What began as a normal business trip home from North Dakota turned, without warning, from tranquility to turmoil.

In the darkness of night, the once-powerful, single engine, Piper Comanche 260 airplane began experiencing catastrophic engine failure. Within seconds, the previously well-tuned aircraft was shaking violently putting the plane in a rapid descent while the cockpit was quickly filling with thick smoke. With an emergency crash landing now imminent, the gripping realization that the pilot and his passengers faced almost certain death had become undeniable reality.

Five Minutes to Impact is a true story of overcoming fear in the face of unexpected crisis, understanding the providence of God in the dealings of man, and renewing our faith in His divine plan for our lives.

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