Weekend reading (11/18)

Weekend Reading

The Pronouns Preach

Jim Elliff:

When reading the Bible, parts of speech make a big difference in our understanding. There are many examples, but here is one that demonstrates my point perfectly. It is found in Ephesians. I will be so bold as to say, if you miss the pronouns, you miss the entire meaning of the epistle, and you will miss a particularly important lesson we need today.

Have you heard about the new Museum of the Bible?

Michael McAfee:

This museum is one of the tallest buildings in all of Washington—at 150 feet tall (including the best view in Washington)—and one of the largest museums—at 430,000 total square feet. There are massive floors filled with interactive exhibits for all ages. It’s probably unlike any museum you have experienced. In January, CNN named Museum of the Bible as the most anticipated museum opening in America.

How Southern Baptists Trained More Disaster Relief Volunteers than the Red Cross

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra:

Southern Baptists already have 65,000 trained volunteers; the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) disaster response is so massive it financially trails only the Red Cross and the Salvation Army—and has more trained disaster relief volunteers than either one. In September, President Trump acknowledged each of “the big three” for their Harvey response.

Receiving presidential praise was a big moment in a big year for SBC disaster relief, which also celebrated its 50th anniversary and spent 500,000 hours tackling one of the worst natural disasters in American history.

But changing the volunteer structure will easily have the biggest long-range effect.

Who Are the Evangelicals?

Jonathon Woodyard:

But what is does “evangelical” mean? It seems the term is used so broadly today that one wonders if it has significant meaning anymore. Historian Thomas Kidd raised this issue in the Washington Post and in a post at The Gospel Coalition. At one level, this question could be a huge waste of time. And yet, since the name is used often in our culture, we should know a bit about it. More importantly, we should decide if we ourselves should (or want) to own the name. It may be the case that the name is used to denote people and movements with which I have no inclination to align myself in anyway way. There are diverse groups that identify as evangelicals or part of evangelicalism.

6 Mistakes Leaders Make in Their First 90 Days

Eric Geiger:

While there is nothing magical about the number, many have used the “first 90 days” to describe the important first days in a leader’s new role. In his helpful book The First 90 Days, Michael Watkins encourages leaders to adjust their leadership to the context and life cycle of the organization: start-up, realignment, sustaining success, or turnaround. As an example, leading in a start-up or turnaround requires a very different approach than a seasoned and sustainable organization.

But no matter what context you find yourself in, there are six common mistakes you can avoid during your first ninety days.

What the God of Peace Will Do

Darryl Dash:

I used to read benedictions like “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you” as throwaway lines. No longer. The longer I’ve been alive, the more I realize I need this present-day grace that’s available because of the past work of Jesus and the future, complete defeat of evil. I need this grace today.

Five signs you need to quit blogging

A favorite from the archives:

I’ve been at this whole blogging thing for about five years now. One thing I learned very quickly: blogging can be tricky business. Although it’s not actually all that hard to get attention in the Christian blogosphere, it can be fleeting. Deadlines can weigh on you. Life gets busy, and you have to ask: should I still be doing this?

(And for those wondering, no this isn’t my subtle way of saying I’m giving up the ghost.)

So when do you know you need to quit? Here are five signs.

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