Morris Proctor’s New Training Resource Is Almost Here!

Morris Proctor has been providing helpful training for Logos for more than 20 years, and now he brings his famous Logos teaching method from the stage to your screen. In this brand new essentials course, Morris provides easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your software, including maximizing your use of the home page, word study tools, Bible Study Guides, and more in a series of videos providing over six hours of training.

Here’s just a sample of the topics Morris will take you through:

  • Home Page
    • Choose Preferred Bible
    • Reference Box
    • Topic Study
    • Passage Study
  • Guides
    • Passage Guide
    • Exegetical Guide
    • Bible Word Study
    • Sermon Starter Guide
    • Topic Guides
  • Library
    • Viewing your library
    • Details View
    • Locate a Resource
    • Prioritized Resources
  • Resource Panels
    • Reference Box
    • Bible Text Only
    • Linking
  • Concordance
    • Word Report
    • Lemma Report
  • Factbook
    • Biblical Entity Report
    • Biblical Event Report
    • Notable People Report
    • Bible Book Guide
  • Atlas
    • Search for a Map
    • View a Map
    • Jump to Google or Bing Maps
    • Calculate Distance

Now through Friday you can pre-order the MP Seminars: Logos 7 Essentials Training resource for just $39.99, 60% off the retail price! But this price is only available until December 22nd at 3:00 p.m. PT. Get the most out of your Logos Bible Software with training from trusted Logos expert Morris Proctor and pre-order his new Essentials course—before the price goes up!

Place your Pre-Pub order for MP Seminars: Logos 7 Essentials Training and save!

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