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We at The Cripplegatge (Clint, Jesse, Mike, Eric, and Jordan) want to thank all of our readers and our 4,400 subscribers. We have all been very busy this year in ministry, but we remember that when we are most productive, we are often most fruitful. We pray that our blog has been helpful to you this year, and an encouragement to your walk with the Lord.

With that in mind, here are our most read Cripplegate posts of 2017. Four of them were not even originally posted this year, but apparently they have remained helpful to people months (and years) after they were written. This list was tabulated by unique IP addresses to view a post in this past calendar year:

010Ecumenical vs. evangelical. Mike appeals for Christians to elevate the importance of the gospel above social issues. He bolsters his argument with an historical survey concerning the roots of the ecumenical movement, and shows some of the dangers that come from it.

009Three reasons God is a cessationist. Jordan explains that you should be like God, and believe that the “sign” gifts ceased long ago. Also, he laments that he never got to personally play in the NBA, despite prayers to the contrary.

008When Christians act like Mormons. This post examines three ways in which Christians act like Mormons. It is a convicting post that asks: “when you do evangelism, do you cover up the difficult truths of Christianity?” Jordan also asks an existential question: what would you rather encounter at your front door? Three Mormon missionaries or a box from Amazon?


Beware the writings of Watchman. Pastor Tommy Clayton gives an overview of the writings of Watchman Nee, with a special warning about four dangers in his theology. I love this post because it shows the benefit of a blog over other forms of social media and writing; when this post was written (2013) not very many people read it (relatively speaking). But over the years, thousands of people have turned to it for help, and this year it was our seventh-most-read post.

006Why we sing “I have Decided to Follow Jesus.” Jesse looks at the amazing international story behind this hymn. The words are from an Indian martyred for following the teaching of a Welsh missionary. They were set to music by an Indian evangelist and the song was taken by a Canadian evangelist and made popular among American Christians.

005John MacArthur’s ten crucial lessons we must teach our children. This post summarizes ten points on parenting that John MacArthur draws out from Proverbs 1-10. These are from his new book, “Brave Dad.”


Six life-changing sermons. Drawn from an assignment at the Master’s Seminary, Jesse highlights and links to the six sermons that have the most lasting impact on his spiritual life.


For Lent, give up Lent. In this post, Jesse appeals for Christians to abstain from fasting for Lent. He argues that severity against the flesh is of no value in sanctification. This post also contains a bit of trivia that for Canadians, the the Catholic Church has officially declared that beavers are fish, and are thus kosher for Lent.

002The dangers of acting like you are married. In this practical post, Jordan (who is a college pastor) gives advice to college students in a dating relationship. He lets them know that there are dangers other than sexual sin that can ensnare couples that act as if their dating relationship was a marriage.

01How many people died in the Inquisition? In this post, Nate gives a few thoughts regarding the numbers of Christians killed in by the Inquisition, as well as a few warnings for historians examining this period. Although written in 2015, it was our blog’s most read post this year.

If this list were to contain only posts written this year, then honorable mention would go to “Jame’s White’s 4 keys to effective debate,” and “The name is Yahweh.”

Here are our lists from 2016, from 2015from 2014from 2013,  from 2012, and from 2011.

Did you have a favorite post from this year? Is there anything you’d like to see us write on in the new year?

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