Don’t Turn Off Your Brain — or Your Heart

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“Think over what I say.” Why? “For the Lord will give you understanding” (2 Timothy 2:7). That’s remarkable because how many people have you met who say, “Thinking — that’s what counts, and by thinking, you find truth.” That text says, “By thinking, he gives truth.” Others say, “He gives truth. Phooey on all that thinking stuff. It just deadens the heart.” Have you heard that before?

“Help me to see what these words mean. I will study with all my might, but I must have you.”

There’s just a huge cleavage in a lot of churches and a lot of people’s lives — the thinkers and the feelers — and I’ve tried to spend most of my life pleading with people not to make that choice because it says, “Think over what I say, for the Lord himself in supernatural ways works inside you through thinking.” Don’t limit yourself to thinking that thinking is the key. It’s a path, and the key is in heaven, and he can shut your mind while you’re thinking or open your mind while you’re thinking. The Lord gives, but he doesn’t give apart from thinking.

If you do “yoga” — I think it’s a real sad thing and this is going to offend some of you. You go to those classes, and you think there’s no religious dimension to that cross-legged, empty-headed thing. There is a religious dimension to it. Emptying the head is not the way the Lord gives. It’s not. The Lord gives to thinkers who open their Bible and say, “O God, what does this mean? Help me to see what these words mean. I will study with all my might, but I must have you.”

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