Links I like (1/09)

Links I like (2018 edition)

Don’t Get Too Comfortable with the Presence of God

Michael Kelley:

But we have the tendency to confuse this kind of boldness with flippancy. So great is our arrogance and so quick is our forgetfulness of the price that was paid for our access that we lose the wonder and gratitude that is meant to accompany that boldness.

Parents, Please Don’t Let Your Kids Watch Logan and Jake Paul

Chris Martin:

Logan Paul, in contrast to Jake, has often been seen as the more “family friendly” of the two creators. The older, “wiser” brother who, though goofy himself, wasn’t quite as shocking or edgy as his younger brother Jake.

Yeah…not anymore.

Who Are the iGeneration and What Does Research Tell Us?

Eric Geiger:

Maybe you have already heard them referred to as Generation Z, but iGeneration may be a better name because they are the first generation to be born into our constantly connected world where social media and screens are the norm. They are digital natives; meaning digital communication is not something they have had to learn. It has always surrounded them. I parent two daughters in iGeneration. They fill our elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms and are currently in our kids and student ministries in our churches.

Apologies Ad Nauseam: Parents and Repentance

Abigail Dodds:

As our children increased, so did the opportunities to sin against them. And so did my need to apologize when that happened. I found, with each child, that the willingness to forgive continued to be quick and complete. It carried none of the angst that sometimes comes from adults who’ve hurt one another.

The Top Ten Most Important Ancient Documents Lost to History

This is neat.

Why Theocracy Is Terrible

Russell Moore offers an interesting take on theocracy:

Our call to the world at this point, Jesus tells us, is not to uproot the “weeds” in the garden (Matt. 13:29). We also are not to grab the sort of power that would cause people to pretend as though they were part of God’s kingdom—a kingdom that comes through the transforming power of the Word upon the heart—when they are merely cowering before earthly power. Our power comes by the open proclamation of the truth, not by the clattering of the sword (2 Cor. 4:2-3).

My question for Millennials who are “over” church

A favorite from the archives:

Millennials want to be mentored and create authentic community. The want to be listened to and given “a seat at the table”. Churches need to spend differently and care for the poor. We need less preaching and more doing. They need to stop creating new mission and vision statements because Jesus already gave us one (to which I would say “amen” if the mission Jesus gave us was mentioned). Unless we do these things, and a few more besides, Millennials will keep being “over” church. And we’ll miss out on an entire generation that wants to be so over the moon about going to church each week that they’d make Ned Flanders seem like a backslider by comparison.

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