No Little Sins? (Gabriel Williams)

After reading Nick's article on whether some sins are worse than other sins, a related conversation came to mind. Some time ago, I was talking with a man who did not believe in the scriptural truth regarding eternal judgment. He certainly believed that some sins are worse than others; however, his conclusion from that statement was that God will not hold "little sins" to his account. In thinking about this conversation, two examples come to my mind. The Sleeper's Dream One of my favorite books of all time is The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan--a book that I read almost once a year. In the third scene of the book, Christian reaches the house of the Porter. In this house, Christian meets three young women named Piety, Prudence, and Charity. As Christian takes a temporary rest from his journey, he converses with these three young women about his journey thus far. In recounting the events, Christian recalls his account of hearing the Sleeper's Dream where a man named Sleeper is warned of his judgment through a dream. Even though the Sleeper is temporarily frightened, he does not earnestly repent of his sin because he viewed his sin as a "tiny sin". Piety had known Sleeper and thus, when Christian tells this story to Piety, she informs Christian that Sleeper had been intending to repent of this "tiny sin" since her grandfather was a small child. Christian pitied Sleeper because in Christian's eyes, Sleeper suffered in his condition because of "one small sin." However, Piety does not interpret Sleeper's predicament in the same way. Piety makes the following statement: "It was not tiny at all...if it was so tiny, then why would he not trade it for all the riches of eternity?" In asking this question, Piety gets to the heart of the matter. It is correct to say that not all sins are equally heinous; however, it is also appropriate to state that when a person clings to any sin, this person is making an exchange. In clinging to a "little sin", a person is making a sub...

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