Rutherford Defended Sola Scriptura, Luther, And The Law-Gospel Distinction Contra Antinomians And Anabaptists

Anno, 1522. Did arise in Saxony Nicholas Stork, who boasted of dreams and visions and rejected the Scripture as being a carnal and literal rule. Antinomians call it carnal, literal, and legal. From him and others arose Thomas Muntzer, about anno 1524, who styled himself “Thomas Muntzer, the servant of God, with the sword of Gideon against the ungodly.” This man, being hungry for glory, hunted for Luther’s name to his new designs but not obtaining it, said but [unclear] Antichrist: that Luther’s carnal and literal gospel was worse than the pope and therefore cried down books and the letter of Scripture and said the Spirit was the leader and rule to believers.

Samuel Rutherford, A Survey of the Spiritual Antichrist Opening the Secrets of Familism and Antinomianism in the Antichristian Doctrine of John Saltmarsh…The Mind of Luther a Most Professed Opposer of Antinomians is cleared and Diverse Considerable Opinions Of the Law and the Gospel, of the Spirit and the Letter, of the Two Covenants, of the Nature of Free Grace, Exercise Under Temptations, Mortification, Justification, and Sanctification are Discovered (London, 1648), 2. [spelling and punctuation modernized].

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