SBC President Steve Gaines Is Doing the Right Thing

In the heat of the moment in St. Louis in 2016, Steve Gaines made a statement about nominating JD Greear at the Dallas convention in 2018. When JD’s announcement came a couple of days ago, it was observed that Ken Whitten and not Steve Gaines was going to make the nomination. Some speculated that perhaps Dr. Gaines was reneging on his commitment (whatever that was) or in some way betraying JD Greear.

There is an article in the Baptist Recorder ( that explains this. After careful consideration, Gaines and Greear have come to the opinion that it was not a good idea for the sitting president to nominate a candidate. According to the article:

Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tenn., said after they discussed the matter, he thought such a move would be “imprudent” and “potentially dangerous.”

He is absolutely right. I do not believe there is any bylaw that would prevent the president from making a nomination, it is much better that it happen this way. I believe I have made my support for JD Greear’s candidacy plain (not left much doubt, have I?), but for Gaines to nominate him just wouldn’t be right. It would set a precedent that could cause problems down the road. Presidents should NOT nominate their successors.

I am glad that Steve Gaines is standing by his commitment but I am also glad he will not be making the nomination.

He is doing the right thing.

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