The Romance of Missionary Heroism

The Romance of Missionary HeroismAuthor(s): John Lambert
Publisher: Gideon House Books
Price: $1.99

It’s sometimes difficult for those of us steeped in the comforts and ease of today’s modern world to grasp what a life of radical faith can look like. What was ministry like for missionaries living a hundred years ago? What happened “back in the day” when brave missionary pioneers forsook all to follow the calling of God into completely unknown territories? How did God’s faithfulness sustain them?

This collection of 24 short stories of missionary adventures from around the globe is a cold shower for a sleeping Church. It reminds us of the hefty price missionaries must be willing to pay to prepare previously untilled soil for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also drives home this astounding truth: that God provides for those whom He calls — even when things don’t go as planned.

Filled with incredible front-line stories, including both victories and defeats, this book will leave you with a newfound respect and gratitude for kingdom forerunners whom God used to open doors to previously unreached people groups. It will also leave you to grapple with a piercing question:

How big is your God?

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