Three things you can be praying for the Armstrongs over the next six months

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This is a personal update that is a bit late, but whatever. We’re just about halfway through our second year in the United States. We’re now into our second calendar year here, and a big chunk of the way into my second year as full-time member of The Gospel Project team. There’s a lot happening right now, it’s super-intense, and I would greatly value your prayers on a few key issues:

Visa renewal. My visa renewal was submitted at the end of December. The last time around (our initial application) took well over seven months from the time that it was submitted for approval. I have no idea how long it will take this time around, but I expect around the same. Please be praying that the approval will go smoothly and far faster than we can imagine.

The Gospel Project. We’re in a big season of change as we prepare for the next study plan to begin, and our team is working hard to get everything ready—including a brand-new resource I can’t wait to share with you all. Please be praying that in all we do, we’d be focused, Christ-exalting, and effective. (And if you’ve not checked out the new resources, take a second and sign-up here!)

Ministry opportunities. I’m praying that God would help me to see the best ways I can serve in our church and beyond. I don’t know what else there would be for me to do beyond what I’m already doing, but if you’d join me in praying in this regard—especially that I’d be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading—I’d appreciate it.

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