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Links I like (2018 edition)

David Platt Is Ready to Leave the IMB

Kate Shellnutt:

When David Platt became a teaching pastor at a DC-area megachurch last year, onlookerswondered whether the president of the International Mission Board (IMB) could really do both jobs.

Platt answered them this morning, announcing that he will end his three-and-a-half-year tenure at the IMB to work at McLean Bible Church as soon as the Southern Baptist missions agency can find his replacement.

How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

Russell Moore:

As the father of five sons, I find myself cringing if the news comes on in front of them. With high-profile men seen to be using and abusing women in the highest realms of politics, government, sports, and entertainment, I sometimes wonder how to keep the concept of the predatory, misogynist man from being normalized for my sons. The truth is, though, this is not just a struggle for those of us who parent boys. Every Christian teaches the next generation of men, since all of us are responsible for building up the body of Christ. So what’s most important in rearing boys to respect women?

Four lessons I learned from stealing credit cards and buying beer in high school

Eric Geiger:

I know what it feels like to fall miserably and painfully. The summer before my senior year in high school, I was arrested and charged with multiple felonies. One night a couple of friends and I foolishly broke into vehicles, stole credit cards, and drove throughout New Orleans buying beer and other things on the cash and credit cards we stole. We were arrested and charged with eleven felonies. The news hit the paper and the shame and guilt quickly consumed me. In God’s mercy, the night that was the worst night of my life was what He used to crush me and bring me to Himself. Here are four things I learned.

Five Reasons Why the Children’s Minister Is the Staff Position in Greatest Demand

Thom Rainer:

The pastor was the only paid staff member at the church, but now funds were available to bring on another full-time staff person. So he asked us in the 2,000-member Church Answers’ community to offer input on what his first hire should be.

I was blown away.

The responses, at least as I write these words, were 100 percent in urging him to get a children’s minister. There were no divergent opinions. One church leader after another exhorted him to go this route.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Podcast

Marty Duren:

Podcasts are easy to start (and relatively inexpensive to create and maintain), but they are not for everyone. Depending on the type of podcast you might consider, there is time involved researching, recording, editing, and publishing. So, before you start a podcast, ask yourself these three questions.

Dads Hurt Too

Eric Schumacher:

I don’t share my experience with miscarriage as definitive, as though I speak for every father. Each person’s experience with miscarriage is unique. This is mine. I share it with two hopes: First, to free other fathers to speak, to grieve, and to heal. Second, to help miscarrying mothers begin to understand and know how to relate to their partners in the midst of this painful loss.

In my experience with miscarriage, I encountered four little foxes in the vineyard of grief, unwelcome pests that gnawed on the vine of sorrow so that it would not blossom and bear good fruit. This is my story.

Three reasons to keep reading the Old Testament

A favorite from the archives:

The Old Testament causes much consternation among North American evangelicals. Although historically, Christians have embraced the Old Testament as being absolutely essential to the Christian life—I believe the first person to do this was Jesus—somewhere along the way, we got scared of it.

We started reading into the New Testament a kind of sentimental love that isn’t there. We started seeing the actions of God in the Old Testament as harsh and mean. And as our sentimentalism took root, we found ourselves asking, “can’t we just skip this?”

Here are three reasons to keep the Old Testament front and center.

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