The Best Things in Life

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The Best Things in LifeAuthor(s): Peter Kreeft
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $2.99 (Feb 17-18)

What are the best things in life?

Questions like that may boggle your mind. But they don’t boggle Socrates. The indomitable old Greek brings his unending questions to Desperate State University. With him come the same mind-opening and spirit-stretching challenge that disrupted ancient Athens.
What is the purpose of education?
Why do we make love?
What good is money?
Can computers think like people?
Is there a difference between Capitalism and Communism?
What is the greatest good?
Is belief in God like belief in Santa Claus?

In twelve short, Socratic dialogues Peter Kreeft explodes contemporary values like success, power and pleasure. And he bursts the modern bubbles of agnosticism and subjectivism. He leaves you richer, wiser and more able to discern what the best things in life actually are.

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