The Blessing of Elderly Saints

Recently, a local pastor in the area told me that the median age of his church was somewhere in the mid-20’s and that he had no one over the age of 50. Many would have been impressed by such a fact. However, I was somewhat saddened to hear it--mainly because my friend is missing out on one of the most wonderful group of believers in the church – the elderly saints. Sure, there are always a few (as with any other age group) that are cantankerous and surly; but, as a whole, I am almost more thankful for this group of congregants than I am any other in the churches in which I have pastored.

I have not always felt that way. Like most, when I was in my twenties I was looking for a church that had other twenty-somethings who I could associate and befriend. This is not wrong per se and is typical for most visitors to a church who are looking for others like themselves. But as I became more involved with the life of the church – both as a lay person and then as a minister - I quickly found myself having a growing appreciation, and most surprisingly, many friendships with those much older than myself.

Here are several reasons why I am thankful to God for the elderly saints in the congregation:

1. Love

No other group has loved me and my family better than this age group. Perhaps it reminds them of when they were younger, and they had little kids – but there is a bond and affection that they have for us, and us...

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