Weekend reading (2/24)

Weekend Reading

As I shared earlier this week, we just launched a brand-new podcast with the Gospel Project called The Hero of the Story. I hope you’ll check it out, subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.

Solo: The “Sabotage” Cut

This fan-edit trailer of the upcoming Han Solo movie is one of the best uses of this specific Beastie Boys song I’ve seen recently. (Note: language warning, hence no embedding for me).

When I Am Afraid In The Airport

Steve Burchett:

I enjoy following along on social media as different pastors and church groups travel to various countries for ministry. Pictures, updates, videos—never have we had such colorful, immediate knowledge about the efforts of other believers. I especially like to look at the faces of the people when pictures are posted of the group sitting in the airport, awaiting their adventure. Some look eager and prepared. Others are goofing off to pass the time. A few appear anxious. I can relate to that last group.

What does gospel-centered teaching look like? 

Trevin Wax explains:

3 ways to disciple our children in an age of confusion

Jenna Fleming:

It is not enough for us to take our children to church, send them to camp, or play only Christian music. The stakes are too high to assume that a formulated Christian worldview will take hold. For example, some researchers believe that a child’s first exposure to pornography is around eight years old, and yet many Christian parents have yet to discuss or shape their children’s understanding of a biblical sexual ethic. The conversation is not an all-at-once, beginning-to-end formulation, but an ongoing discussion that matures over time as our children mature.

Sing Your Heart Out at Church (Even If You Hate the Music)

Brett McCracken:

The worship at my current church has been hard for me. It’s louder, newer, more electric than I like; it’s much more charismatic than I’m used to. At least half the congregation raises their hands throughout the 30-minute singing time on Sundays, and often people are dancing and clapping and moving their bodies in emotionally expressive ways.

All of this was far from my comfort zone when I started attending the church five years ago, and to some extent it’s still far from my comfort zone.

He Never Wore Skinny Jeans

Darryl Dash:

I heard Billy Graham speak only twice, and I only remember one thing he said.

Billy Graham came to Toronto for the fourth and final time in 1995. The visit didn’t go as planned. On June 6, he told business and civic leaders that he’d had “a hard couple of hours physically.” He collapsed during the speech and was rushed to hospital.

There’s only one book no one can make me get rid of

A favorite from the archives:

My Bible is more important than any other book I own. It is the book from which I learn about God’s nature and character, about the grand plan he has been working throughout all of history to reconcile all things to himself through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the promise of the new creation and the certain hope of salvation through faith in him. Every page, every word, every syllable offers something more valuable than even the greatest literary works in my library. There is no more important book I own, even when I fail to treat it that way.

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