Dead Babies On Display at the Museum

Yesterday evening my son and I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. His school rented the place for the evening. Lots of cool and interesting things to see and do there for kids. But just before we left we passed through an exhibit that showed how babies developed in the womb. They had a horseshoe shaped room which showed a baby at every stage of development from a tiny creature to birth. As my son and I looked at this exhibit, it dawned on me that what we were looking at behind the glass were real dead babies (plasticized) and not just a sculpture. Both us realizing this exhibit was probably real was disturbing. Then I saw 3 teenage girls come in to look and after a minute one said "it looks so real" and she shuddered and ran out. My son later did not want me to tell him if these babies were real if I found out.

See, people who still have a conscience, know that the body is a person ... we cannot rightfully pretend to separate body and mind as if this is just a bunch of matter to be discarded if we so please..

I later looked it up and discovered these were real babies they said were naturally miscarried so I was partially relieved they hadn't been murdered to be put on display. But it was still troubling

As Christians we ought to defend the the dignity of body because we affirm that God constituted us as body and soul united; so we are not spirits in a material world just waiting to be liberated from matter. Gnostics, on the other hand, believed only the soul really mattered so thought little of the body, thereby we could treat it any way we pleased, not unlike many secular people today.

from Monergism


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