New Accuser(s) Step Forward against Judge Pressler

The lawsuit against Judge Paul Pressler is convoluted and complicated – it is the most bizarre legal document one can read. But the poor quality of the filing doesn’t decide the truth of the accusation. It will have to play out in a court of law.

A friend made an interesting statement about this case when we were discussing it a few months ago. He said that if the accusations were true there would likely be many more such accusations come out. I don’t know how many there will be, but one more has surfaced.

An affidavit filed in New York County by a man named Toby Twining makes a clear accusation against Judge Pressler. Again, I have no idea whether it is true and make no judgment on it. But it is a second accusation. And, as an observation, this affidavit is at least cogent and coherent, free of the oddness and extraneous anti-CR rants of the original.

Baptist News has an article about the affidavit. The affidavit is available online as well.

The lawyer says there are several more accusers waiting to go public. We will see.

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